Depth seems, too deep for settings

So as the title stated, I got quite a few of my issues fixed. The manual only spoke to tightening the Y axis belts, but I checked the X and Z after some recommendations and, boy were they loose in comparison to the Y! SO, cuts are going better currently. Also using wood screws in the center of my project to help ensure it is not bowed up at all along with the clamps on the side. I am getting even cuts for the first time in 2 weeks. The problem I’m having is depth. In the photo, I have given the input to only be 0.005 deep. I don’t have a depth gauge yet, but I use to be QA in the Marines and my eye tells me, this is way deeper than 0.005 in. I used the z probe to do the Z axis zeroing prior to cut. What else do I need to check to see why I’m so far off on cut depth? I’m using a 90 degree vbit for the project btw on the XCP.

Z was set directly atop the carve area, or way off at the front left corner?

I suggest setting z zero directly atop the carve area. Not at all towards the front left…

Yeah it was set to the front left of the material being cut, I thought that’s what it was telling me to do! However the cut area encompassed about 15 inches all together, set it to the center of the 15? I’ll adjust that process accordingly! I did correct it some, I deleted the machine from the program and made it readd it. Seemed to fix a lot of the major depth issue. Still a bit off, but that makes sense what you’re saying. I do know and I confirmed it tonight, it’s odd but, the machine is level, the gantry….is not, but there is no adjustments for that aside from planing from what I have gathered. But the bit they send, well it almost starts a fire every time even at high speeds. So I’ve thrown it away and have an entirely different brand one on order arriving Monday. Seems that one they provide has major burning issues (it seriously smokes like BAD).

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Yeah, thats what i’d do.

In fact, for this flag i actually set z zero 5 times. (1-4 is all the same 90⁰ v bit)

  1. Stars
  2. Eagle globe and anchor
  3. The rank (had to get the rifle details perfect)
  4. Name part
  5. Endmill used for stripes and perimeter cut

Now see that’s a big question there! What endmill bit are you using for carving out big areas like that?

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In order to not have the corners not be too rounded, I used a 1/8" endmill, usually a downcut.

I think I sent you my flag video before, but this is how i do plain flags, u can see hoe i use multiple workpieces to be able to set z zero for the union vs the stripes…

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