Depth Wrong on 3020

My machine cuts around .1" too deep. I have tried offsetting the Z and subtracting depth, but the results are uneven. I wonder if the problem is with my PC? Any help will be appreciated!

Hi Kyle,

depth issues can be a number of issues:

  1. the Z could be topping out and loosing steps if it’s a machine with no limit switches, or with limits turned off. This is very common on small desktop cnc’s.
    • In Easel you can go to Machine>General Settings to decrease the safety height & origin safety height to prevent this issue and/or raise the spindle in the clamp as needed.
  2. the use of an upcut bit could pull the workpiece up and the gantry down and result in excessive depth
  3. the calibration of movement could be set incorrectly, or manually tuned to be more accurate than the stock settings
  4. a loose collet could cause the bit to fall down
  5. a loose set screw on the Z stepper pulley/coupler could cause the Z to fall
  6. a workpiece whos top surface is not parallel to the spindle plane of movement can cause the Z zero to be lower if its set in the front left corner but the workpiece is higher at the area of the carve.
    • I suggest surfacing the workpiece on the cnc to eliminate this issue.

there’s actually more but the odds become quite less after these, so I’ll stop the list here and allow you to review these before adding to this list…

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