Depths keep changing

Hello, It doesnt matter if i manual or z probe zero the project, everytime i start it. the cuts are good on the first text, when it attempts to do any other text, the height of the z probe automaticly is significantly higher thus preventing any cuts. Doesnt matter if i change depths or wood, pitch or angle. it simply cant remember depth after the first text is cut. Seems I can only do projects with one word design , then have to start another project with another word over it, lord help me if i have a third design or word on the same project. Any help would be nice.

Hi Thomas. Quick test, can your v bit reach the wasteboard when you send manual commands to lower the z? to the right of the “carve” button is a directional pad that will pop out and you can send manual commands.

I suspect the answer is no, and this is actually a very common issue with the new Z axis, because the manual doesn’t tell u how high or low to mount it… You’ll need to loosen the 4 screws on the back of the Z axis and lower the entire assembly until your shortest bit can reach the wasteboard.

It would be nice if there was a note about this in the assembly guide,… but there is not, it doesn’t tell you how high or low to mount it because some ppl like it higher and some lower, but a note about this capability and this potential issue would be a nice addition to that page in the guide… just my 2 cents…

Sorry for the late reply, this was the perfect fix for this problem. Everything solved, thanks alot!

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