Design Contest

Hey guys - I was hoping to get some help on something just for kicks. An awning that we stripped to bare metal and restretched and eradicated and added 3M trans vinyl made it to Shopvox design contest out of 55 other designs. Currently we are losing to a sign that was made like a bourbon barrel lid. Yes it’s a nice sign but I want our shop to win the 50" tv…lol, plus they didn’t even produce it all in house they had a wholesell company do the route work for them…lol
So can ya help a fellow member out and click the photo and like it, and maybe share? Thanks and have a great holiday everyone.

I’m showing the link’s page is unavailable. I lost a banner competition once for season tickets because they had a banner professionally printed in color while mine was a kick ■■■ hand-drawn banner with Sharpie, so I feel you, bro…

I fixed the link in the OP but here it is Thanks!..

That sucks, midnight

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Liked…nice job, and good luck!