Design/File help!

A friend has a last min request for a wedding taking place SATURDAY!

Currently the way I have this designed its ETA is 22 hours. I feel like I have the wrong settings or something. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Once file is fixed I will share on inventable projects page.

Change your roughing bit to 1/4" and reset everything and see what you get. You have the roughing and finished bit as a 1/16".

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If you want to cut through the material you only need to do a contour cut.

Search for “Combining Problem” in the forum scroll to you find my name and there are pictures that will help you through this. Steve

Tried the steps you outlined in the post but still had zero luck.

Try this.

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I could hug you right now, can I paypal or venmo you for your help?

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No thank you, just glad to help.


Did you change it to an outline cut? Is that right?

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Yes, but I pulled it into Corel and fixed it. I didn’t know how to correct it using Easel.

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This is very easily done in Easil to get a monogram.

  1. Set background square to fill at 100%
  2. Set inside square to fill at 0%
  3. Set text to fill at 100% (enlarged it a bit so it was more stable were it meets the square
  4. Select all and combine
  5. Add tabs

Side note on the first tab I put the text through the Offsetter App at .04. and put it back together.It was to thin.


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Thanks Steve, I tried it using only Easel and I was able to accomplish it. Thank you for the instructions.

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you are quite welcome!


I think you also might have had issues combining the image from depth settings. If you look at your original image you could have set the text to zero depth, then select the square and change the cut to outline then hit control “a” to select all then edit combine. The original image the name was reassessed and the square was set to fill. Also just a heads up in most cases when your carving small font set your outline carve settings “outside” the line that way the small connections are thicker and less likely to break.