Design Help With Badges

I am new to easel and struggling. I am trying to design and cut wooden flags and need police, fire and military badges. All of my images that I am trying to import in as a svg file is not very clean. Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction please? Thanks

try google

and also

If you need design work done I offer it. Are you looking for 2d or 2.5 logos? I can make files in svg/a.i/vcarve files and toolpaths.

Josh that would be Great. Can you email me. Ill share with you what I have and what I am looking for. We can get something worked out would be awesome. I am wanting 4 badges initially designed and ready to cut. Just struggling with finalizing them. Thanks

I have used this site for a good starting point for the badges. It’s generally a better picture than you’re going to be given by the customer.

Ok I emailed you and let me know with the designs that you need!