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I am doing a simple little carve for myself and my dad. I would like to know which design looks better, specifically the “III” in the background. it’s a very basic project. Does the recessed or the extruded “III” look better? should i switch it out for a “3” instead? (Of course I’ll clean up the outside)

Story behind it, if interested. My grandpa back in Chicago had a basement bar (way before i was born). he dubbed it “The Avocado Pit” due to all the avocado green appliances down there. my uncle named his pool side bar “Avocado Pit II”, so i decided to make one for my dad’s bar, and one for the bar i just finished in my house, which will be “IV” or “4” to keep the weird tradition running.

  • Roman Numeral Recessed
  • Roman Numeral Extruded
  • Numerical Recessed
  • Numerical Extruded

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Thanks for the help guys. Looks like I’ll stick with the extruded Roman numeral layout.

By a landslide, lol