Design keychain

I’m looking for a app to help me to design keychain such as photos attached and has function more than EASEL?
I downloaded Autodesk Fusion 360 but i found it difficult to learn.

download.jpe (6.6 KB)
images (2).jpe (4.5 KB)
images (1).jpe (8.8 KB)
images (3).jpe (4.1 KB)

Fusion 360 is daunting if you’ve never used a cad program. I’m a cad only guy, so I’m no help with the “artistic” (not to be confused with autistic) programs. If you want to cad them out, I’d use autocad lt. it’s pretty simple and powerful enough. You can get a free month and then just keep renewing another free month. (I do believe). If you need help with autocad drawing I can help, I’m sure IF your questions are beyond me, @PhilJohnson knows this stuff like the back of his hand.

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For images,if you can get a straight on image, you can usually copy and paste into ACLT and trace over it. Then export it into F360 and just extrude it to the depths you want.

These can be done in several programs.
From the look of them they were laser cut.
Easel can do them. You just have to layer the different parts.

Thank you for your advice I’ll try autocad lt

I tried easel many time but I can’t get it correct! the bit always cut my letter !

Can you give me an example?

As you get working, ask questions if your having troubles. I’ll help you any way I can.

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I will make an example in Easel for you to see.
right now I just got in from a long drive and too tired to think…

take your time :blush:

Just as an example

There are 3 objects.
One of them is the outline and is black with tabs.
The next inner one is the main depth cut outside the text.
The next is the text layer.
You can set the depths on them to suit your desired cuts.

The text I created in a vector application. (Inkscape can generate SVGs)
Just need to define where you want to cut etc.
Also make sure you use the correct tool.

When cutting set all the objects to 0 except the one you are cutting.
You can switch to a new object and set the existing one to 0 and the new one to the depth you need.
Also while switching watch what bit your using. Go smaller if you need to get those corners.
I do this when I am working out simple designs. But since I have V-Carve I tend to do all in there.

Thank you so much,

Dose that mean I can’t cut it all together at once?

You cut each one separate.
You can set cut depth to 0 for anything you are not cutting just yet.
That is if you use different bits.

Thank you

Thank you.