Design Not Square to Workpiece

Hey Everybody,

I got my X-Carve a few months ago, and while everything is mostly working well, sometimes my designs aren’t square with my workpiece. Here are some pictures:

See how the two quarter inch holes are nearly coming off the workpiece in the middle? I’ve been having trouble like this any time I’m carving from left to right. The right end is always higher than the left end. You can kinda see this in the pencil holder recess, too, although the grain hides it a little too well.

Anyway, I tried tightening my Y belts, but that didn’t really seem to fix the issue. Otherwise, the machine works fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Check this thread. Might help.

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or this just posted on Paw paw's projects

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Part of every cutting routine in my shop is to square the Gantry to the lines on the waste board. A simple procedure when setting up project home:

  1. Move the gantry to the Y10MM and the X over to the far left. Use the jog features to line a pointer chucked in the spindle on the 10MM line.
  2. Send the X to the right side of the machine.
  3. If the pointer is off the line, carefully pull the right side of the gantry in the direction needed to bring the pointer to the line.
  4. Send the head to the Left X again and inspect. Pull the gantry until lined up.
  5. Send to x to inspect if still on line.

We found that if the feed rate is too aggressive, the belts will slip on the pullies and the gantry will go out of square. This is an issue that all belt drive gantries will have.