Design Pane Issue

This seems so obvious that I feel stupid but I’ve been stuck on this for hours.

Every Easel tutorial shows new projects open with a black Origin Point and black outline delineating the work area of your machine as you set it (and I have repeatedly)

Every tute also show that when you resize your material in the Preview Pane it shows as a dotted line inside of the fixed grid of your work area (or overlapping it if the material is bigger than your CNC table).

But I get no Origin Point and every time I adust my material size it changes my work space to fit the material as opposed fitting that material into my grid.

What am I missing? Has Easel changed the interface so that the Design Pane now shrinks to the material size?

I think they had a beta release on that a while back. The size of your work piece was equal to the size your grid would show. I am not postive but i think there is someplace to turn that off but not sure where.

Thanks Wayne. Whatever size I make the work piece, it resizes the Design Pane grid to match the material in the Preview Pane. I’ll go digging for beta release info.

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