Design shrinks about 10%

I center the design but when I carve it every thing shrinks about 10% to the left front corner. This causes the border to be way off as the design is no longer centered.

Can you show us the Easel file?


Have you calibrated your steps? (i.e. does the machine move the correct amount?) if your steps were 10% off that would “scale” the carving.

@PhillipLunsford has a good video on his channel of how to calibrate the steps.

Yes, either the step/mm values are off or the actual material center deviate from the center in Easel, causing a shift.

Checking the step/mm value is easy enough, simply command a 10" jog along X-axis, measure if actual travel = commanded distance and repeat for Y and Z (Z need to be tested over a shorter distance)

If the travel do not match, write the travel down and provide that info to us.
Along with your current $100-102 GRBL parameters.
To obtain those go into Machine Inspector in Easel and send $$ through the Console window.