Designing a dust shoe and need a mentor

As training, I would like to design a dust shoe. I want to use the normal triangle shape to start. I am using Easel. I have found how to create a rectangle and radius the corners. Is there a way to do it with a triangle?
Should I be using something other that Easel for this?

I also would like to have a mentor I can work with. Is there anyone willing?


Yes, but it could be done in Easel.
I would use a solid modeling program, like Fusion 360, but that’s where I’m most comfortable.

In easel, click your triangle, click edit points, select the point, change to curved.

Since I don’t use Easel I can’t tell you anything about it.

I’m using Fusion 360 as Neil mentioned and I’m pretty happy with it. They have a really good collection of tutorials
Keep in mind though, that you would need the easel post processor for fusion and a g code sender (you can use easel) if you would like to go down that road.