Designing an octagonal Tea Caddy

Some might be interested to see the design process I went through to get to this tea caddy I made recently.


This is the video of the build… [Tea Caddy Build] (

It’s on our YouTube channel and not really aimed at you lot, who obviously already know about CNC machining. (There are a couple of other X-Carve build projects on that channel too - if you’re interested look in the playlists for ‘workshop Projects’.)

You can see how fluffy the ply is - it was a new milling bit but it just wasn’t spinning fast enough in that original X-Carve spindle. Working on the upgrade now…



Thanks Tim, this is great,

I was just about to start building a small model of a octagonal cabin that the wife wants to build on some remote property we have. Instead of a standard rectangle we wanted to do something different and we thought octagonal and elevated would be very cool, but without an actual physical model to use for reference we’re not sure about some of the design elements.

This is a huge help!

Thanks, Darryl - so you’re going to build the world’s biggest tea caddy - and then move in? Sounds brilliant!

Thats a nice little project!