Designing in (AI) Adobe Illustrator to Easel Image Size Issue

Good Morning Everyone,

I have a issue that been bugging me for awhile and i cant seem to figure it out. I want to reach out to you guys and hopefully get a response back.

My question is how to keep a shape the same and transfer it to easel so i don’t have to fix it.

So for example my last project i customized a knife handle for someone on the X- Carve. First i was in AI had all my platform setting to Inches. I had the knife blade scanned so it was accurate on shape, then i used a digital calibrator to get the width and length. I expand the knife handle shape to the size it need to be in AI. I saved it as a SVG in AI then upload it to Easel. The size was changed and had to resize it again on easel with clicking the cut to outline. it end up being too small. Eventually i made it fit on the knife after several tries adjusting it on easel.

Hope i made sense. let me know if there anything that need to be clarified.

SVGs can have a units section or can omit the units section. It is common for online graphics format converters to ignore units in the original and produce an SVG without units. When this happens, I believe that Easel’s SVG import assumes units to indicate 75 dpi. It is probably the case that your Adobe Illustrator file does include a units section, but the units are other than 75 dpi and Easel’s SVG importer is simply imposing its own will.

You might be able to apply some scaling factor in AI and then re-import into Easel in order to end up with the result you want.

If you’re brave enough to share your SVG file, we might be able to take a look.


Thanks for replying Harry.

I’m at work currently. When I get home I’ll be able to send the svg file and have you take look at it. I think in AI my dpi set 90 or 100 which is imposing like you said.

Should i post the AI file as well?

I don’t have illustrator. The SVG files are plaintext if you know how to read them.

I have illustrator but I do my designs in photoshop. If I’m doing, for example, a 20" x 20" sign, I’ll be sure and set my canvas to that size. After, I save the files as a jpeg, open it in Inkscape, use the “trace bitmap” function, save as an svg, then go into Easel and import the file with the import svg command. It’s always kept the same size for me doing it this way.

@HarryC.Ragland I actually found out how to keep it the same size on AI. i just had to uncheck a box on the SVG save setting. The box was called responsive. It working now and turning out great. Sorry for super late reply but thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

@DanielMiller I may try that on my next project. i also have inkscape as well. Thanks for sharing info! :slight_smile: