Designs in Easel not surviving Firefox browser being closed

Hi folks.
I seem to have a problem with projects not being saved properly. There have been several times when I have worked on a project, renamed it, and then closed my browser (Firefox on Windows 10) only to have the workspace blank when I reopen it, and if I go to the “open” menu, it shows up as “Untitled”.

Is anyone else having this issue?

The status at the top says “All changes saved” before I close things out.

On further exploration of this, it might have to do with how Firefox reloads tabs - it tends to go to a cached version that it has, rather than refreshing from the server - as soon as the page loads, Easel immediately saves the changes, setting it back to the cached version.

The lesson seems to be “Close project tabs before closing Firefox”.

I will leave this up as info for others, and update if I find this doesn’t help.

That is a “feature” of firefox called prefetch. it also goofs things up in a lot of web based forms. As long as you are aware of it you should be fine.

This is the same issue as I reported before here, I found it when using two computers, but same issue