Desk Organizer

Hi guys, just wanted to share me latest x-carve cut. Made it for my wife’s desk.
Designed in Fusion360 (i can share files if you want). I used 1" pinewood laminate, feed 1700mm/m, depth 3mm, rpm 2.5 on dwp611.

Hope you like it!


That look great.

You designed this in Fusion360? Or you just set up the CAM gcode in Fusion?

@DavidSpencer thanks!
@NathanButler I used Fusion360 for all of this, CAD+CAM.

I would love to know the process you used for the curved “dish” I’m wanting to do that for another project. Great work!

@BrianRizzo hey brian, for the dish, i just created a sphere and used a cut combine op. As for the CAM part, i used 3D Pocket for roughing with 0.5mm stock leave and then used 3D Scallop with 0.5mm passes for finishing (i had to sand a bit, which is quicker than running very small cleanup passes for wood).

Great work. Fresh and modern.

I use Fusion360 too, it’s very good.

@AndrewGemmell thanks! I really like fusion, i work with Maya every day and being totally different software i feel right at home with it.

I would love the files for this desk organizer if you still have them! (Note: I know this is an old thread, just hoping the OP is still around!)

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Hi Elizabeth, I’ll try to upload the fusion files tomorrow if I have e some time!


Hi! I would be interested by the files as well.
I’m looking to lean CAM + Fusion on our shopbot.

Hi Guys! I totally forgot about this, been busy lol. Ill try and share the fusion files this evening when i get back home.