DeskProto... question!

I am about to give the DeskProto trial a go… but what machine should I select in the startup phase?

I have the X-carve 1000x1000.

I use deskproto for my 3d items (not a lot) What i ended up doing was editing the shapeoko 2 settings to make it work right. Trial and error method, I don’t remember exactly what I changed, but i did get it to work. G-code is G-code so as long as you have the proper units selected deskproto will give you a code that works. You might want to make sure your “end” g code is what you want. I had an issue with my sender needing a restart after passes but that is a sender issue. Deskproto is simple to use I suggest sticking with the wizards until you get the hang of it. And you only get 4 tabs that you can slightly manuplate.