Detail bits

Hello all. You have all helped me a ton so far. So thank you. My question is how to input different bits. I bought a 30degree fine detail but I get the degree when you go to add it in the v bit but what diameter am I supposed to put for it? It’s the inventables 30 degree fine detail bit 1/8 shank. Thank you all

It’s the maximum diameter it will cut.

Measure the diameter of the bit. I doubt it is 1/8th

Generally good advice, but probably overkill in this case. I doubt the OP will be plunging his 30deg engraving bit full depth, and I doubt most users accurately measure the angle of their angled bits which is more useful in this case. There’s also, most likely, a flat tip on the bit which could be measured and some trigonometry needed to be done to account for that tip.