Detail cut plunges into material

I have attempted using the 2 stage Rough Cut and Detail Cut a number of times now. The Rough cut runs fine but every time I start the detail cut the router plunges into the material and then tries to move along the tool path and breaks the bit. Even though I have run the probe and set the x and y position again.

Can anyone help with this?

Are you sure you’re toggling to the detail pass when setting up the carve?

How deep does it plunge? Does it look to still be carving the pattern?

Very odd. Will be watching for responses on this one.

A little more information on your work flow would be appreciated.
X&Y should not need to be reset, only Z.

Under Easel->Machine Inspector what work coordiates display after Z is probed/reset?

Yes definitely selected Detail Pass. It plunges all the way to the bottom of Z Axis and then tries to carve the pattern.

I was making a simple sign with an icon and a name. I had a 1/8 straight bit for the roughing pass and 1/16 bit for detail. After setting the Z level I set the X&Y because the the rail moved slightly when I changed the bit so I re aligned it to a mark I had.

I will check the coordinates and post them soon.