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Hey all,

I have completed a couple projects now through Easel Free and seem to be getting the hang of it. I want to upgrade to some fancier projects.

I am currently trying to carve some wooden badges for some friends who have First Responder family. I was able to find or edit some .SVG’s for their departments and drop them into Easel.
I am struggling to see how to get the right settings for a good carve.

I have the .SVG imported. This isn’t a 3D design, just a flat approximately 11" x 15" badge on a piece of Walnut (two boards biscuit joined and glued and planed flat). I set a 1/4" cut depth as I plan to put some black or colored epoxy or paint and then gloss over the top.

I tried to set a 1/8" Upcut 3 Flute Spiral (purple) for a rough pass and then a 1/16" Fishtail Spiral (blue) for a detail pass. When I go to carve the rough, it says nothing to carve. The rough pass shows <1 min and the detail was around 3 hours.
Are the details too small for the 1/8 and the bit just won’t fit to work anything? If I change to just one pass with the 1/16 the carve time jumps to almost 7 hours! I may have bumped settings as I’m not the most experienced yet. That seems like a while to carve…

Should I invest in some non-Inventables bits and maybe do some Pro-Carve days to try this? I’m not opposed to paying for Easel Pro if it’s worth it.

You would probably do better with a 90 or 60 degree V bit. You can run a V bit faster than you can a 1/16" bit and the carve will look good.
You will need Easel Pro to use a V bit.
Yes you’re 1/8" bit is to big to carve anything so you will be doing the whole carve with the 1/16"
Can you share the Easel file?
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Hey Russel, sorry I took so long to respond, life is busy sometimes.

This is the file I’ve been working on lately. It is a memorial badge for an Officer that was killed in the line of duty. I know a few people at that department and want to make a few of these. I want to carve about that size (12" x 16" or so). I plan to use Walnut, planed boards with a biscuit joint and glue.

Any help would be great. When I play with the different bits, it will normally show <1 min for one of the passes and hours and hours for the other.

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Your times are split like that because the majority of your design will only fit the smaller bit… these types of designs are typically done with a vbit, not tiny endmills… try a vbit in there I like the looks of a 90 degree. But a 60 degree would also work…

You might also want to use 2 workpieces and use the 2nd one to cutout the perimeter using and an end, if you did want a cutout badge shape… heres how I do the multi workpiece setup for better control of what bit is used in different sections… same concept for the perimeter being cut with a different bit.

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