Detail pass deeper than Roughing

OK, I’m at a loss here (I’ve already checked the forums). Detail pass is going about 1/16 inch deeper around the edges. Color photo is using the Z-probe and the unpainted is using my eye. What is going on here?
1/4" Roughing
1/8" Detail
This is for ocean floor maps. The depths are pockets being carved out (3/16", 1/8", 1/16" depths). When the 1/8" pass is being run, it just goes deeper.

Did you set z zero for the 2nd bit?

Are you sure the z travel isn’t bottoming or topping out for either of the toolpaths?

I did Z-probe for both bits and eyeing my Z on the surface for the second attempt. Both attempts are off about the same amount, approx. 1/16". I’ll change to the 1/8" after the roughing, either Z or by eye and it still happens. I’ll even use a piece of paper for the eyeing part since I don’t have any feeler gauges at the moment. It’s like the machine/software sees the edges as something to dig down further when it’s should just be edging the more detailed parts while keep the depth they’re all set to.

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