Detail pass estimated at 4 hours

Maybe I have configured my detail part incorrectly. I can probably adjust the depth of cut and speed somewhat. What confuses me though is 44 min to rough and 4 hours to detail using the simulation.

Is it also running across the areas which were done during the roughing phase (the blank spots and what not)? I figured it should of just trimmed out the tree limbs, etc and call it a day.

The file is not shared publicly, make sure after you copy the link you hit the SAVE button

Thank you, I think I just hit save

Raised the depth and it made the time more reasonable.

If you set your tree and the outer ring to 0 depth you will get what is pictured, personally I would use a V bit over the 1/32 as the 1/32 break to easily


Excellent suggestions :slight_smile: The only reason the ring and tree were slightly below level was my own laziness. I have to level a new waste board. But you are absolutely right, I should fix my waste board to cut down on the cut times. I didn’t even consider using a vcarve bit to clear the finer details, and that will actually enhance the design by getting rid of sharp edges on a project that would look better without them.

I made the adjustments on workpieces 2 (main/fine cut) & 3 (cutout).

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I carved a negative of a similar “Tree of Life” in Fall 2020 so that I could press some clay into it and form a nice trivet for a teapot I made. I carved it with V-Bit, the negative mold came out great, and the end ceramic result is awesome. The “Tea Time” pieces’ mold was also carved on my X-Carve. It is obviously the item in the lower-left corner of the image below.


Brandon Parker


OH!!! Those are really really awesome looking and very smart use of the xcarve.

At some point I want to do pottery and stuff, my wife just thinks I want to re-enact that scene from Ghost. One day, one day, although I may need to get lessons learned and recommendations from you.

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