Detail pass is off by .321 inches

I completed the rough pass with a 1" bit. then changed to a 60 degree v bit for the detail pass. i used the same home position as the first pass but the detail pass is .321 inches off to the left

After the roughing pass did it return to work zero position?
Suspect it lost steps using that large of a bit for roughing?
What settings did you use with that 1" bit?

yes it returned to zero, feed rate 28 in/min plunge 9 in/min and depth .25 in

How much depth per pass with the 1" bit, surely not 0.25"?

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally jog the carriage/gantry when changing bits? Do you have $1 = 255 in your GRBL parameters?

i didnt jog while changing bits,… not sure what the second part means, sorry im new to this

Jogging is not an issue, that is fine - the X-carve will remember its home position / work zero untill powered off *.

The X-Controller have a switch when enabled reduce idle current to 40%, meaning a motor that isnt moving get 40% of full rate current. Make sure this switch is set to OFF, refer to manual, IIRC switch# 4.

The GRBL-parameters set the ground rules for the machine through software, value $1 is time spent before idle motor power is set to OFF, value is milliseconds. Value $1=255 mean always ON which is what you want. Simply open your Easel Machine Inspector, in the Console window type $1=255 and press Enter. Turn X-Controller OFF/ON to make the change effective.

(* - With Homing switches installed and enabled, work zero will remain presistent between power cycles provided a homing cycle is performed to find a machine reference point)

Regarding loosing position after tool change etc:
If bit returned to the exact same X/Y/Z position after stage 1, then its position shifted during tool change. The steps mentioned above make it much harder to shift position during handling.

If the bit after step 1 stopped .321" off then it lost steps (position sync) during carve step 1.

If you have Homing switches installed you can perform a Homing cycle between each stage and have a consistent home position (work zero)

30% not 40%.

Regaining work zero when you lost steps won’t help because you lost steps on the first carve so unless you lose the exact amount of steps, your carve is trash.

Figure out why you lost steps and then repeat the rough carve. Disable auto torque reduction to help the gantry not move during a bit change.