Detail pass is off-track. The

After I make the rough pass and change the bits I take special pains to make sure I am at home position. However, the detail pass is off slightly. This is happened to me twice now.
Any suggestions?

How are you zeroing your bit?

Exactly in the middle of the piece, with the shape position X and Y at zero.

Well something must be moving a little when you are changing bits. I would start in the lower left corner and use the 3 axes touch plate. Then to be sure you are where you started after i change bits i would use it again so i know it is where it should be. Zeroing in the middle you are going by eye and you coulld be just a little off as you can see. Possibly you may have lost a step somewhere along the carve and when it returned you would be off just a little.

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This explains a common problem and solution to what you’re seeing: