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I am sure this is a simple question and hopefully Seth will be on it with a quick answer.

As you have seen in my previous post I am working on a “Texas” themed item for a friend of my pops. I am at a point now where I am ready to carve out the Texas shape. IF I set up my carve to use a 1/4 upcut bit for the roughing pass to get the majority of the work done then switch to the 1/8 downcut for the detail work (my thinking here is with the extra space I will not have dust jammed in the carve due to the downcut bit) easel tells me the the roughing pass will only take <1 min in the simulation and the detail pass will take 22 min. If I run the roughing pass anyway is it going to hog out most like I think and want it too? If so, will the detail pass only cut the inside of the cut or will it waste time cutting both sides of the initial roughing pass?

Am I making any sense, or I am just over thinking it? I am attaching my project for reference for you…

Thank you all, Drew

Hey again Drew :wave:

First I’m going to start off with some other details before attacking the reason for the post …
I noticed that the Cut Path type is set to “On Path” however this is going to result in the shape being undersized by the diameter of the bit and some of the details will be cut away, Normally when cutting out a part you’d want to use “outside the path” Cut Path type.
Also there is one tab that might be a pain to sand off (at the right side) so I would move that one, maybe use more as well, But place then at locations that have flats OR areas that are easy to sand without busting out the cylinder spindle sander. (but I store mine under the CNC so I despise getting it out unless I have to…)

Ok now to the actual question at hand…
Well What Easel does with 2 Bits: The “Roughing” Bit is ONLY used for Roughing areas that have been set to “Clear out a Pocket” Cut Path type. So All of those others (on, inside, or outside the path) Cut Path options will NOT use the Roughing bit but instead will only use the finishing bit.
For this Reason your roughing bit is going to be <1 min because 0 minutes isn’t an option… NO toolpath is generated for the Roughing bit with this design the way the Cut Path is set currently.
**For this reason you can either change the project to use only One Bit OR when you run the carve just run the detail bit and ignore the roughing bit.

Thank you Seth, I was unaware that it did not work with the “cut outs” and only the pockets. I like using a downcut but it always jams the dust in the cut and I’m afraid I’m going to break a bit. I have not yet, but I am afraid its going to happen.

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