Detail test on small carve

Finally sat down and decided to try my tapered ballnose to see what detail i can get. When time permits i will go smaller until the machine can no longer reproduce the image.


That looks really good! Would you mind sharing some details so I might stand a chance of achieving something similar:
Ball nose diameter. (And where you bought if from)
Overall heart size.
Duration of toolpath
Species of hardwood
Software / CAM process

Thanks, and good luck going smaller!

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Wow thats great! Did you take this one nice and slow?

I have done small stuff too.
What size bit are you using?

This was a test to see how small I could go. I used a .5m bit ball nose


the 0.25R was used for the finish pass and a .4in straight cut 2 flute for roughing

Heart was 3.675x 3.?

Never bothered to check the stepover I let artcam set that by the bit parameters.

I ran this quite slow For study purposes just under 7 hours @100 ipm a larger bit will do just fine at a much higher feed rate 150ipm+

the wood was flame boxelder maple it has a tight grain structure but is about as soft as pine works well with laser engraving also.

As mentioned before artcam was used rough cut raster with profile cut finish pass was raster at 45deg. Picsender to run the gcode
the file was purchased from ebay.

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lol way too slow

wow those are better than the ones I bought. (I have the 6mm shaft ones)

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Have those bits, so far I think there great !

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