Detailed preview making easel unsuable with large projects

yep, same here, My PC is no slouch when it comes to video rendering, my Ram, GPU and CPU are all high specs. I also pay for 200MBS internet so its not my connection either

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I opened Phil’s shared Marvel project in Easel, made my own ‘copy’ so I could edit it and it renders fine on my MacBook Pro. ;). Generates detailed preview and simulates full cut time. I’m looking forward to cutting this one out for sure!

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Could be. I’ve noticed some strange Easel behavior when I can’t ‘right-click’ and select menu items, but the pull-down menus work fine. Happens on both my Mac, but I don’t see any posts here from anyone indicating they’re having problems as well.

I suspect the Inventables team are working on Easel from time to time making adjustments; we’ve all experienced moments when it just won’t work or allow logins, etc. Growing pains…

I meant to say, the same menu problems I’ve been experiencing.

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Without question this needs to be addressed. Detailed Preview needs to be OPTIONAL.


There should probably be an option to toggle it on or off… with the Default = OFF


The detailed preview brings my macbook to a crawl when using chrome – maybe try a different browser?

On my Windows 10 system Chrome works a little better. Foxfire my preferred browser was fine until the detailed preview was introduced. Brings it to its knees.

Again, needs to be optional.


Thia thread is getting quite long… I haven’t seen anyone from @Inventables chime in yet

I’ve already discussed this issue with Samantha and she told me they are working on it.

My rig:
Intel i7 5930 3.5Ghz
32Gig Ram
Twin G-Force 980Ti (12Gigs of Vram total)

and i have the same issue with complex designs

Yeah… Its not your rig or anyone else’s computer setup for that matter. the problem is Easel… Easel can do great things and is wonderful for what it is, but there is something on the other end that can’t handle what it is trying to do with the Detailed preview.


Not long enough really…if we keep complaining, perhaps Inventables will expedite a fix.


I agree, and I’m having the same issue. Now that some of us are truly paying customers, I would expect them to address the issues in a timely manner.

Is anyone working on this issue? I have a 1000mm xcarve and I can even generate a detailed preview for an 18x18" project. Is vcarve quicker at generating preview and code?

The Xcarve is a simple machine, Easel is a simple tool. Neither are designed for super-heavy complex work. The the smaller hobbyist shop, they’re fantastic.