Is there an increase in the work size instead of 1000 × 1000 with a larger size by setting the extension to become 2000 × 1220 for example

If you build your CNC with longer rails, you can give yourself a larger work area. The issue with longer rails is they would need to be stiffer than the stock rails, or you would need to add support, to prevent flex along the length of them.


I increased my work area from the 500x500 I started with to 1000x1500, It took a little bit to get it all together and squared up and trammed but now its great. I think it helps that I made a base that was pretty close to flat and level to start building on.

Very cool and this news is excellent Is the control box does not mind ??

No, the only thing the controller is made to do is to send step signals, length of travel dont matter.
Soft limits is also just a value, so anything goes.