Devins projects

I would never presume to be in the same relm as the great and all powerful Phil. But I dont want to clog up the forum making more threads. So this is just place to share my progress and projects. And of course whatever else anyone else wants to share.

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Bonus points if you can tell me who this is. (Might be hard to see. I’ll post another pic after paint)
A little sanding and some black paint and she is done. I am really happy with the lack of fuzzies and no chip out. Not sure if its because I used douglas fir. Or the 2 coats of sanding sealer I rolled on top before I cut it.

.25 in ft em. And 60 deg .500in v bit. 55ipm. 35ipm plung. .100in DOC. .200in total depth (flat bottom)

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Burt Reynolds?

Samuel L Jackson?

Looks a lot like Ricky or to be specific Robb Wells

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Ernest Hemmingway? That Dos Equis “most interesting man”?

You are speaking of the “tram” or 90deg perpendicularly of the z axis to the table? Yeah I have noticed this but have honestly been too afraid to mess with it and possibly make it worse. I should just do some reading about how to go about it. I was also thinking maybe my dust collection hose/boot might be weighing the front of spindle down a bit. (In the picture. Left is the front of the machine.)

DING DING DING. Well done sir. An x mas present for my bother. Who is 6 yrs younger than me. Still a bit imature thus a huge trailer park boys fan. (I confess I find the old episodes funny as well).

I do infact look like a burning x mas tree. Nothing personal against x mas. But that is a real picture I that I took. And let me tell you. Burning x mas trees is scary/dangerous/awesome/fun all at the same time.

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now just fill it in with some epoxy then surface it a bit and sand.
Polish it up after the finish and it will look awesome

I have to admit. I have never used epoxy. Is it difficult to work with? I have been just using black paint. But if epoxy will work better. I will give it a try.

I am not an expert on this but there are resins you can use. Do a search on youtube for them
They are used for inlay’s all the time. I want to do one with some of that glow powder. :smiley:

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I use epoxy often… easy to mix… just sand and shine …


So no need for sealing? The epoxy does not soak into the grain? And you flood the entire pocket then sand flush?

Wood type is the decision maker there… some are easier to manage then others. I’ve has success on bamboo… you just to sand away.

Note that epoxy will get scratch marks… I am playing around with polishers etc… if I find the magic formula, i’ll definitely share…

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Used my 30deg single flute engraving bit. Its gonna be a pain to fill the letters with paint.


Now you can guess what state I am from. And dont worry Im not selling it. Its a gift for the wifes secret santa at work.


Holly moly I spent some hours on this. Shelac (dry) then black paint (oil based) mineral spirits and rag to wipe off excess.

Now I just have to get some cherry red for the end of the cirraret.


ThiThis is one of those “sounds easy” designing was a challenge to figure out best way to exicute.

  1. Flatten and cut out dark side.
  2. Cut pocket in white side to glue on dark side. Let dry
  3. Mill down dark side to be flush with light side.
  4. Of course I douldnt get this perfect. So then mill the entire circle another .020in. Just to make everying flush.
  5. V carve the crowns and names.
  6. V carve the inlays for v carved crowns and names. (Do this while you are cutting the material you working with. Also see how to do v carve inlay
  7. Glue inlays. Let dry then mill down some of the excess inlay. Dont go too far.
  8. Cut out the outer circle. The. Sand everything flush and perhaps I will finish with linseed oil to make the walnut darker

That looks pretty awesome, can’t wait to see the final result. And sir you are definitely a talented x carver :wink:
I’ll get v carve desktop this Christmas and can’t wait to try my handy in vcarve inlays.

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