Dewalt 1/4" collet upgade

Hi All,

I see many posts on the forum about updating collets to high precision versions for 1/8" bits, but nothing for 1/4". I would really like to replace the factory collet with a 2-wrench version that does not have internal locking. Can someone recommend one that they like?



I ordered the 3p precision collet set from elaire. Works like the stock collet but are precision grade. Comes with 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 for $50

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In addition to the ones mentioned by @JayReynoldsIi, I purchased the 4mm and 6mm collets from elaire. Great collets and no complaints form me at all.

I looked around a long time for a ER11 type collet (two wrench) for the Dewalt. They do not exist, I even tried to have one made to no avail. If you really want a standard ER format collet you will need to replace your spindle.

Thanks for the links guys. I’m having problems with the collet nut getting stuck when I try to loosen it. From what I’ve read, it appears that the stock Dewalt collet uses a 2-stage locking system? Not sure I understand how it’s supposed to work, but in my case it’s locking too well.

For those of you with the Elaire collets, do you know if they lock in the same way?

You are asking the same questions I had when I started using the Dewalt. It seems that all collets even the ER format collets will tighten beyond finger torque after you use the wrench to break it loose and make it a few turns.

yes the elaire are the same way. the 2 stage part isn’t noticable until you loosen your tool. you will loosen it and about 2 turns later it get tight again. this is normal for any collet. I am a machinist and even er collets do the same thing.

Ok. I’ll have to have a look tonight to see if I didn’t snap the collet in correctly as described here -

Thanks again.

The Dewalt collet nuts do not have a removable collet, the collet is permanently attached to the collet nut.

ER type collet nuts have removable collets.

The limitations of the 611 collet options have forced me to upgrade. I’m replacing my makerslide with 40x40 + v rails from OpenBuilds, then switching to the 618 so I can use the MuscleChuck.

I’ll provide some updates once I have it all setup. I’ve got the 40x40 all ready to go, but I need to mill myself a spindle mount out of aluminum w\ the 611 before I tear everything apart. So a LONG weekend project.

Any luck with mounting the 618 on?