Dewalt 26200 bit / collet advice

Hi wondered if someone could answer these questions please…I have a dewalt 26200 router which I have just ordered the mount for my x-carve:

The dewalt is the standard router with a 1/4 inch collet and I want to use my 1/8 inch bits in it. Is this possible and what would I need to adapt it?

Could someone please provide links to the specific items?

The speed dial on the dewalt only has number, does anyone have a guide how this relates to the speed?

Has anyone encountered any problems with using the heavier router on the standard x carve 1000mm without modifying the structure of the machine. Inventables don’t appear to have stiffened or altered the frame since the dewalt upgrade… So I assume it’s people just nit picking to fix something that’s not broken?

Thanks for any help!

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The 26200 appears to be the European version of the Dwp611 so it should accept the same collets
Elaire Corp sales a very good 1/4 inch collet for the Dewalt

The speed setting for the 26200 also match the Dwp611

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Hi Gavin

In the UK the cheapest option is probably to go for a collet reducing insert. I bought the Trend on from Miles Tools and Machinery. It works well.

Here is the link:


I too use the collet reducer. I’ve heard of people having problems, or the bit slipping, but they must be doing something wrong because I almost exclusively use 1/8" bits with this reducer and have never had a problem.

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Gavin, You maybe able to buy a simple adapter (reduction sleeve) from a local shop that actually sells other DeWalt machinery: a cylindrical tube with a single cut in the longitudinal direction. You probably do not need to order from the US.

This (cylindrical tube) adapter, which you insert into the 8mm collet, decreases the inner size of the collet from 8mm to say 6mm to fit the respective drill. It will cost about 12 euro.

Also see “Continuing the discussion from [Spindle and collect size for X-carve (DeWALT 26200)”] (Spindle and collect size for X-carve (DeWALT 26200)):

Thanks Peter I’ll take your advice and try one of those!