DeWalt 611 air deflector with SuckIt

There are several options for 611 air deflectors, but I didn’t find one that would allow for the spindle to slip in and out of the spindle mount while attached and be compatible with the SuckIt dust boot. I found one that was close on Thingiverse and modified it for my needs. If interested, you can check it out at:

action shot?

Good question, especially since I didn’t clearly explain my original post. When milling/engraving metal I often choose to use a lubricant of some kind and the downward stream of air from the 611 blows it away. That’s the main reason for the air deflector. Other deflectors I’ve seen are relatively large and although I haven’t seen them interfere with the use of the SuckIt I wanted one that would be as small as possible and also could stay fixed to the 611 while slipping it into and out of the spindle mount.