Dewalt 611 bushing

Is there a bushing or some sort of device that will allow me to chuck the provided end mills in the Dewalt quarter inch collet?

I am assuming you are referring to the 1/8" bits.

I use a 1/8" collet from Elaire Corp. (Model - DWP-1250)


or this one from Inventables

it works great and you can get other collets for different sized bits.

I am using the collet adapter.
Its cheaper solution to the one provided by Kenneth.
The one Kenneth suggested is the best way to go as its precision.
This one I post is sufficient for wood signs.

5 bucks I have 3 of them myself and the only issue is holding it in place while tightening.
I use them for doing all sorts of small carves and have not had any major issues.

I vote for the Elaire collet Erick mentions. I started out with a collet adapter and just found it to be a pain. I’ve been using the Elaire for about nine months now and am really happy with it.

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