Dewalt 611 collets in Europe?

Does anybody know, where to buy collets for the DeWalt 611 in Europe?
If possible I want to buy 1/8" collets. My current collet is not longer able to thighten the 1/8" adapter and the collet I have bought at Elaire, got lost while “traveling” over the ocean :frowning:

Does anybody know, what can go wrong with a collet. Some hours ago it was possible to tighten a 1/8" adapter, and suddenly, it is not longer possible …

Have you taken the collet out and made sure there is no debris collected in there? Other than that I’m not sure.

Yes, I did, it looks nice and clean. But something seems to block the nut.
What I have watched the last days, were some tiny little black metallic chips, maybe 0.1mm (0,004") thick and about 15mm (0.6") long, that felt out of the colllet or somwhere at the dewalt. Maybe 4 or 5 of it. Could this be collet- or spindel-parts?

I use an adapter from 1/4" to 1/8" at the moment. It worked some days, but now its loose

I unfortunately know nothing about all of this cnc stuff, so far, but i bought this machine, to learn it :wink:

Do it work fine with 1/4" shank bits?

I do not know, because unfortunately I do not have one.

That seems to become a problem, I not have thought before.
I have a router with an imperial collet, but live in Europe, where it seems, one can only buy metric bits and its rather expensive to fly them from USA to Europe and there always is a huge hassle at customs, if the things are arriving at all …

maybe you can try it in the uk? shipping to the eu mainland is fairly quick.

Hmm, without actually seeing the pieces in question it’s hard to say. It sounds like either the adapter is damaged of the main collet is damaged. Are you able to just tighten the collet with no adapter or bit and see if it compresses?

I’ve bought a lot of stuff off AliExpress and usually get free shipping to Canada. You have to wait about a month, but they prices are good, so it is what it is.

for which router you bought them

I have a similar issue with 6mm bits not working in my 611 1/4 inch collet.
The collet won’t tighten enough to hold the bit.
Is there some place that makes after market collets?

Elaire make any dimension you want for both Dewalt and Makita.

I found matching 1/8" collet and nut for $19.50 here: Not sure how much to ship to Europe, but send and email and Mark responds pretty quick:
Mark Neeley
Elaire Corporation
Ph: 419.843.2192
Fax: 419.843.8536