Dewalt 611 Cutting Depth

Hey Guys:

I’m trying to cut a new project out of red oak plywood and having a small issue. Here’s the important stuff:

Xcarve 1000mm
Dewalt 611 w/ Precision Bits 1/8" ER collet
1/8" 2-flute end mill

Here’s the voltage readings on my gShield pots:
X - 1.597V
Y - 2.217V
Z - 1.597V

I had to turn up the Y pot to jog the motors properly.

I can get a really clean cut around 50ipm but the depth/cut has to be really shallow, around 0.75mm. This is close to what Easel recommends for something like maple using the stock spindle, but I’m pretty sure the Dewalt can do better.

If I try deeper cuts the x axis gets offset, but the y-axis seems to stay true.

The belts and vwheels are dialed in, so I’m wondering if I should try dialing up the current on just the x-axis.


I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about setting the correct feeds and speeds lately. I found a couple good resources; HERE is the ShapeOko wiki page on the topic. From that wiki I found a pretty good calculator (HERE), There is another one that I like using better, but I can’t seem to remember where I got it from.

Hope that helps.

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HERE! Found it! There is some good info in there.

Hey Rusty:

That Shapeoko material page is awesome.

Red Oak
Speed: 1,000 mm/min
Depth per pass:1.5 mm
Pocketing 800mm/min. 1/4" step down w/ 1/4" 4 flute carbide up cutting.[114]
Shapeoko 3: .1875 two flute,50 ipm %45 step over .1875 depth, full depth passes, border was .1" passes at 30ipm[115]

Looks like I’m not TOO far off.

Thanks very much!

No problem!