Dewalt 611 Failures- Multiple!

I had my first 611 fail with in a month of starting to use the machine. OK maybe my fault, I was cutting too deep on long projects with possibly not the ideal bit but nevertheless a month! Got that one back in time for #2 to fail in late September, (had to buy another while I sent the original back for warranty). Dewalt has had that one since then and told me I am getting a new one but it is on back order. I learned my lesson…less deep cuts mean shorter carves and less carves as the lasers and glue press has been busier… Had a main circuit board go down a couple of weeks ago and finally got things all put back together and heard the spindle running at inconsistent speeds…2 months and router #2 (and no replacement back). Having Christmas orders to fill I went to order #3 and Amazon doesn’t even show it…which tells me it has likely been discontinued and thus the reason on backorder (ok could be the other way around but generally there would still be a listing). So since putting it together in September I have had 2 router failures and a circuit board… Inventables to their credit did take care of me on the circuit board as I ordered the entire controller as I wasn’t sure 100% that was it and they were out. Beyond frustrated…yeah I know it is likely brushes that I could replace but I’m down until Saturday now with orders to fill…ok rant over but…anyone else experiencing similar issues? Is there a replacement for the 611, Inventables what are you changing to if this is the case? I really don’t want to buy another mount for another router when this is clearly an issue with Dewalt if they have indeed discontinued it…HELP!

OK answered my own i=question; yes the 611 has been discontinued…Now what!?


The Makita is pretty equivalent. You’ll need a shim.
Move to a brushless spindle for sure if you’re doing production runs.
Buy brushes for the Dewalt. (after I do)
Put a sock or two over the air intake to prevent junk from wearing the brushes faster.

Sorry it was the DNP611 that was but again Amazon doesn’t even list it any more… circumstantial perhaps… thank you for the tip!

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I think it’s just a bad time to try buying a tool like that. They always have deals, and they always sell out.

Porter Cable 450 is probably the same (Same parent company as Dewalt), but I don’t know if you’ll find those either.

I’m open to upgrading to brushless; suggestions… doing so research now.

I don’t have an X-Carve, so I don’t want to suggest anything, but I think you’d want to upgrade your Z-axis first.
Maybe @RussellCrawford can chime in.

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yes was looking at what cnc4newbie had.

Have you tried replacing the brushes? They will last 150-200 hours of run time with the router speed on 1.
You could get a Makita router to fit in the Dewalt mount but you will need a shim because the Makita is 65mm and the Dewalt is 68mm.
Or you could upgrade to a CNC4Newbies Z axis and order a 65mm mount. I upgraded everything on my XCarve from CNC4Newbies and everything works great. A few people that use this forum upgraded their Z axis from CNC4Newbies and they have said good things about it. @PhillipLunsford is one and @SteveMoloney is another.
Check out this old thread about the Makita router and using a shim

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