Dewalt 611 help

Ok, so I have new xcarve for about two week or so with Dewalt 611 on it. I was doing a carve today and got called into work so I paused the machine then cut off the Dewalt. I just went out to turn back on and the light on the Dewalt turns on but nothing else(bit not turning like no power) could it be bad already?

Did you try spinning the bit by hand with the power off to see if you have a dead spot? If it is a brand new router the brushes should still be good if you have an air compressor blow some air into the top of the router. If tit is brand new return it.

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DeWalt has had a problem with their variable speed control on some of the routers.
I had the same problem
You will have to return it to Inventables.
Call them up and they will send out a replacement right away.

thank you for responses. i went to lowes and picked one up this morning and bought the 2 year warranty since it seams like an issue. i will contact inventables tomorrow morning for a replacement.

Not a horrible idea to have a spare, in case it really fails. Iā€™m curious does the shaft spin by hand (obviously shut off power)

yes it spins by hand. i ran on only setting one so it should have been fine.