Dewalt 611 installation questions

So my original spindle burned out on my first test cut. Rather than get another I upgraded to the Dewalt 611. I see a how-to for the mount assembly, but I can’t find anything about wiring the device up. Should it simply be plugged in, avoiding the wiring harness? Or can you cut the two prong end off and wire it into the x-Carve. I apologize if this has been asked before but my search-fu is weak.

This post is the biggest one you can find every bit of information.

i just plugged mine into the same power strip the x carve is plugged into. you have to manually turn the router on/off but thats not a big deal for me. plus if something goes bad just flip the switch on the power strip and the router and x carve shut down

Thanks for the help. Dewalt’s installed and finally got a working X-Carve.

I’m curious how you manage the DW611’s AC cord? I’m reluctant to cut the cord and to wire it through the X-Carve’s runways as I’d like to be able to keep using the tool as a trim router. I was thinking about making a boom for both the cord and for a dust collection hose. Anyone have photos they wanna share of their hose & wire management?

I used the spindle power out from the power supply to a relay, ran the 115 AC through the other side of the relay to an outlet. I just plug the dewalt into that outlet so I didn’t have to cut it’s wires.

The red and black wire going to the relay is the 24v DC.

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Here’s what I threw together this afternoon so I could begin using my DW611. If all goes well, I’ll use the boom to hold a vacuum hose above the work area as well.

@DallasPowers I like the solid state relay example so you can keep the spindle power on automatic. Thank you!

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I zip tied the cord of the dewalt to the cable run. I’ve got the larger machine as well and the cord is just long enough to reach across both runs. Just needed a short foot long extension cable to plug it in at that point.

Something like this, from previous post;

Here is what I did.

As you can see how far is the original cable goes, I extend it.

Build one Solid State Relay box to connect Dewalt.

And I used 24V Spindle Power out pins to activate Relay, then Dewalt starts and stops automatically.

I saw this which seems more like a plug and play.

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Lets say not plug and play, but looks more pro. You still have to wire for 24V from your spindle out on power supply. Rest is easy. I purchased the same one as well. I,m the first Dewalt user and there wasn’t anyting on the market but regular Solid State Relay.

You right Thanks.

I like using the relay as well…too much electronics in that power strip for me to go bad…K.I.S.S.

:laughing: I said I purchased, didn’t say used. Still can’t get rid off my working Solid State relay. This device have Mechanical relay in it. Still sitting on my desk. Maybe someday.

It looks like back of dewalt will hit areas behind the mount

did you cut out a portion of the rear of the dewalts casing (yellow part)??

I assumed the new xcarve mount would address that, but a quick look at it, looks like it still needs cut out.


You should be able to rotate it such that it won’t hit if you don’t want to cut up the case.

cool. thanks

I started into it with a rasp file, but finished it with a sander.

it clears the top plate now

I cut the plug off the end of the dewalt 611 and ran the cord through the x axis drag chain and replaced the plug. Works fantastic and I get no noise in my stepper lines. Makes for a nice clean setup.

Hi, Is that a 40A relay you’ve used? Trying to read the writing on the image it looks like a Fotek SSR 40 DA. Is that right? Thanks, Chris

I got this one right here: