Dewalt 611 installation questions

Sorry, I did not see the picture clearly when I first posted, but it appears you have the socket wired with the hot side (copper screws) reversed with the relay wired into the neutral (silver screws) side of the socket. This might prevent the Dewalt from running, but still allow a lamp to light. I am not sure.

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Here is where I describe how mine is connected:

I thought the same thing. I swapped both terminals on the AC plug. That did not do the trick either.

It looks to me that both the positive wire (from the relay) and negative wire (from source) are attached to the same side and therefore same blade of the outlet. Shouldn’t they be on opposite sides of the outlet?

Is the relay wired into the hot side or the neutral side of the AC supply? May not work if on the neutral side. Just a guess.

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Into looks that way to me too. The neutral side of the electrical circuit should be connected to the silver screws.

Looking at an outlet from the front, the left side slightly longer slot will be the NEUTRAL. The right side slightly shorter slot will be the HOT. The bottom U shaped hole is the GROUND.

I would not recommend switching the neutral since this will leave parts of the system energized that might not be anticipated.

In the case of an incandescent lamp it will not care what it is referencing as HOT.

The router might.

These are good to keep around for testing the basic functionality of outlets you wire:

I DO need one of those! FWIW, I swapped sides just in case and that did not resolve the issue. Same flickering of the LEDs and no router coming on.

You do have the negative wire from the source attached to one side of the outlet and the positive wire from the relay attached to the other side of the outlet (not both on the same side)?

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Is it possible to setup the Iot Relay strip to turn the spindle AND a vacuum using the X-Carve’s power unit controls? (I may not be using proper titles for parts so you may need to assume what I mean or ask for clarification.)

Probably not, depending on how much current your vacuum draws.
Add the dewalt amperage to the vacuum amperage and make sure you don’t exceed the IOT relay rating for the switched load.


Oh, and also make sure you don’t exceed the total draw of the circuit you have it plugged into… :sunglasses:


I run a 5 Gal shop vac and the Dewalt 611 off a Iot relay have not tripped out the thermo yet…

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It’s a 1 gallon shop vac but I’ll have to look into it. It’s not critical, however I’m trying to simplify the workflow as much as possible!