Dewalt 611 issue

My 611 started sputtering and sparking at low speeds, so it was time to change the brushes. After doing so, it was still sputtering and sparking, so I cleaned up the commutator (the thing the brushes brush up against). That seems to have stopped the sparking, but not the sputtering. The sputtering does subside around 3.5, but keeping it there is just masking the real problem - along with it being too fast.

Outside of buying a new 611, anything else anyone can think of that’d be worth trying?

Video here:

The brushes are new.

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Sounds like maybe a speed controller issue.

Still under warranty? Take it to a service center?

Try blasting it with air to clear any dust/debris.

New brushes do need a breaking in period. Most are not shaped to the commutators curve, and have to wear down some to fit. Put it on setting 1 and run it for a little while to see if it stops sputtering before trying anything else. My 2 cents.


I ran it for 30 minutes to make sure they broke in first with these results.

I’m kinda thinking this is the likely cause - and it’s out of warranty, so it’s likely time for a replacement router.

time for a Makita 0701!

I am just now running into this same issue. Replaced the brushes and it is sparking more now than before. Did you scrap the router? Or get it fixed? If you fixed it, what was the solution?

Replaced the router.