Dewalt 611 just stopped

I got my X-Carve back in October and today while running the router just stops. I stopped everything but now the router will not come on. The lights on it do but nothing else. The bit spins freely. The Chcago office is closed today so I don’t know if I should go buy another one or wait until Monday. So much for the long weekend…

Just to kinda wrap things up, it was the brushes. You guys really know your stuff. Thanks for all the help and a push int the right direction.

yup same thing happened to me

you might be able to take off the top and make sure that there is no dust in there and check the brushes

but that usually means that the router brushes have gone out I would drop it off at a dewalt service center and see if they will fix it for free for you

that usually takes awhile though so I had to go out and buy a new one while I was waiting on the repair to be done

yeah and I dont think that the dewalt comes with extra brushes does it?

Where did you get your brushes?

I would see about bypassing that soft start crap on the dewalt that seems to cause alot of issues also

I noticed that the soft start feature hinders the router from starting when things are starting to go south I would rather have a router that will start up untill the point that it blows up vs. having a couple electronic bits tell me it will not work when it still could

aka meaning that I was right in the middle of a expensive job when mine died and I could of just got the job done if it would have just turned on because it would run fine once on it was the start function that was effected

okay not like literally blow up lol not sure a router could do that it may catch on fire a little bit but thats probably the worst

and yeah sometimes I would like to have the ability to literally destroy my tools if it means I hit that customer deadline.

nothing worse that calling the customer and saying hey I could not deliver and then they proceed to find someone else and you loose there future business

when I used to work for Caterpillar I remember working on these large power generation units for a little company called Raytheon and we would put these switches in that would override all of the saftey systems and kick the equipment into high gear and the only thing that would stop the machine is it literally blowing up now that was pretty cool you basically push that button and run then watch

Thanks Phil. I went and bought a new router. Never hurts to have a spare one.

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I know they had bosch routers on sale today at lowes

including the 1617evs and the colt routers

today may be the day to pick one up

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Just to kinda wrap things up, it was the brushes. You guys really know your stuff. Thanks for all the help and a push int the right direction.

glad you got it figured out

Nope…just replaced the brushes in mine and it still wont run.
This unit is not 3 weeks old.
emailed support Tuesday and still have not heard back from them.

yeah I would locate a local service center in your area instead of contacting support and see if they will warranty it for you

might be something with the soft start feature

there is the website for finding a local dewalt service center

The router comes on for ~1/2 second, then it shuts down.
The light stays on and the motor makes a humming sound.

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Same… did you find the issue?

If you’re asking me, Inventables replaced it.
Since then, I don’t know if policy changed or not, but at that time it was DeWalt policy to have the selling dealer exchange the unit if it was (I believe) less than 30 days old.
I have also since then bought a replacement and keep it on the shelf for, just in case.
Inventables was good enough to overnight a new one before I even sent my unit back.
You cant beat that kind of service.