Dewalt 611 lights up but doesn't spin

just today, I have started having an issue with my dewalt 611 not spinning. The light turns on but doesn’t spin./ A google search came up with a post which recommended taking the cap off and cleaning the dust out. This got it to work a few times. It wouldn’t start again, and I was able to repeat this clean process a few times to get it to work. But now, it doesn’t want to start, no matter what. The top is very clean. I used a small hex tool to clean out the under side, which was also full of dust, but no luck. Should I completely disassemble it? When it did work, It would spark up near the top of the motor.

The dewalt 611 was bought with my x-carve package from Inventables, i case this means anything in terms of warranty. It’s been about 6 months since I bought it.

Thank you for any help.

Check the brushes to see if they need to be replaced.

do you have any pictures of what the brushes look like?

I was able to take it apart completely, and got a bunch more gunky dust out. It does start some more than before, but still not normal, and still sparking at the top of the motor.

your brushes may be done and they are arcing. Brushes may be ordered on Amazon pretty cheap.

Yeah, brushes. The gunk in the gunky dust is what’s left of the brushes.

Make sure to buy yourself two sets, so you have a spare for next time…

Ok thanks guys. Does anyone have any introductions or videos on how to replace them?

YouTube Dewalt 611 Brushes by Shane Bell. Good video.

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And next time never ever run with full speed. Full speed eats brushes like a cookie.

From the video, the brushes seems like the problem, right where it was arcing. I ordered the 4 pack posted above.

Thank you everyone for your help.