Dewalt 611 motor or full router?

Purchasing the Dewalt 611 from Amazon for the free shipping and to use a gift card. The full router with base is just a few dollars less than the motor only. Is there a reason to purchase the motor only?

Full Dewalt 611 router

Dewalt 611 motor only

Thanks! Alan

If you are using it just for the x-carve, no base is needed.

If router comes with base and cost is less, go ahead and buy it. You can spare base aside. Use router only, incase you decide to change your router someday to spinner, than you can use it as hand router for different projects.

Agreed. Get the cheaper one.

Alan and Zach - thanks for the reply!

Sorry if price posts are inappropriate:

Just ordered a Dewalt 611 router from Amazon, and there is a $20 off $100 promotion now through June 19. Paid $102.99, of course Amazon has that irritating habit of randomly changing prices so YMMV.

Plan to place my X-Carve order today as well.

Thanks! - Alan

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