DeWalt 611 rotation is unstable

Hello everyone

DeWalt 611 rotation is unstable
The rotation does not rise
Japan 100 V 50 Hz
I wonder why?


YouTube video


Do you have a 100vac 50hz model? How many hours on dewalt?

It is 110V US voltage
Hz is unknown

Combined three days ago
Test sculpture was ok too

Only the rotation instability is disturbing
Can not you use it in AC of Japan?
Should I look for a router that can be used in Japan


Being a universal motor frequency should not be a issue but the 611 does have speed controller so that may be a issue.

Because I am Sendai, it is 50 Hz

I ordered Makita RT0701C


How much is the speed control module of DeWalt 611?

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Strange manual. The bottom of it has the specs on the electrical info.
Translated from Spanish

Input voltage: 120 V AC ( )
Power Consumption: 7 A
Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated power: 756 W
RPM: 16 000–27 000/min

Here is the manual incase someone wants to see.

My understanding of speed control circuits is that frequency does matter.
If the circuit design is set up with the 60/50Hz in mind then it should be ok.
Just remember running a 60hz device on a 50Hz system you will loose 20%
In case of the router it appears that your power is producing that effect.
I would not assume a rating 50/60hz means that it will work on 50Hz power line
The router has a slow start circuit that alows it to ramp up in speed to prevent shock from instant on.
The video shows that the speed controller is failing to maintain speed due to a circuit that feeds the speed aspect of the controller is fluctuating. Without seeing the schematic its hard to tell. These AC motor speed controllers are really crappy. They are the culprit of most of the units failures.
Need to test your line to ensure you have steady power. The voltage out of the wall can fluctuate. Should be within a standard ( I do not know what that is in your area). There are power conditioners for these types of things that will make the motor happy. Just they are not cheap. :frowning:
You could opt to get a spindle if you can afford it. They make them for all types of power. Especially the VFD drives.
Hope the other router will work for you. Just make sure before you buy that it will work on your power. Otherwise you will have a similar issue or the speed controller will burn out.

Or get a step up transformer. 100-120v the low voltage makes a lot of heat in the windings.

I diagnosed it as an initial malfunction of the speed controller
Once you can sculpture

Thank you for searching

I’m negotiating whether I can exchange
it free of charge with Inventables now

If negotiation fails, I will purchase from this shop

DeWalt 611 will be exchanged free of charge
Thank you for everything.

Thank you for reporting to Tokyo users as well


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