Dewalt 611 runout

Anyone ever check the runout of the 611? Forgot to move zero and slamed into a clamp with a 1/4bit really hard. Now I have terrible vibration. I measured the runout inside the the spindle and get .002. With the collet on and a new premium bit I get about.010. Tried with my 1/8 collet and bit and have the same runout about .010. Think I might have bent something?

Looks like I cracked the spindle.

Hairline crack all the way up. Hard to believe that could do that!

Wow…how fast was it travelling when it hit? Did it have a collet on when it hit?

I was doing a test carve to check the actual dimension of a 1/4" bit chucked in the 1/4’ collet in easel and forgot to set the zero. It travels pretty quick to the zero, plus it hit a 2x6x3/4" maple clamp and split it right down the center. Looks like I’m in the market for a new 611. I just find it hard to believe it had the power to split the spindle like that.

I managed to bend a dewalt spindle (causing 0.3 mm extra cut diameter to all bits!) when carving some aluminium too agressively, It was £150 for a new spindle part and not much more for an entire new router. I went for the latter. :frowning:

DeWalt warranty may cover it???

I’m going to look into that, it would be nice! In the meantime I picked one up at Lowes. A local tool store had them for $128.99 so Lowes matched the price plus 10% off. Just so you know they only give you the 10% off if you ask even though it’s their policy. Got the 2 year warranty also, came out to about $145.00. Pretty expensive mistake!!