DeWalt 611 spindle won't turn on

Hi, I have my project all set up in Easel, clamped, zeroed, etc. but I get to the step of turning on the Spindle, and it won’t turn on. It must be something super obvious. Nothing fancy - totally manual. Please help me! Thanks! ~Georgia

do you have the switch on the dewalt router in the ON position?

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How long have you been running it, you may need new brushes

Yes - I understand there’s an on/off switch - and oddly, when I went through the job set-up for the first time, and got to the point to turn it on - it seemed like it was already in the “on” position. (And didn’t turn on when I turned it off and on again, and went back through the set-up sequence).

I probably haven’t turned on the DeWalt router for 2 months - but it worked normally (as expected) 2 months ago.

What are the brushes & how would I replace?

So nor the x-controller or easel control the dewalt spindle

it just plugs into the wall and has a on/off switch located on the

unless you are using a non-factory relay this is the only way the the dewalt router will turn on

now that being said the dewalt router features a soft start feature and some times they are problem matic

did the router from sitting have dust on it? I have found that if you take a air hose and blow out around and in the top of the router this will remove the dust and allow contact to be made again

I used to have this problem when I was cutting alot of mdf with it

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Thanks so much to you both!

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can you turn off privacy for this video so i can watch it?

hello, how does one get access to this video? im having the same issues with my DeWalt 611.