Dewalt 611 stopped working need help

I know I can replace brushes but with Christmas coming my machine has run about 18 hrs a day for three weeks now. I have used my spare set and forgot to order. Local store don’t have 611 in stock. Will dewalt 600 work or different router. I have xcarve 1000.

I have 6 orders to be completed by Monday right now.

If available to you the Makita RT0701 is another option, the diameter of the Makita is about 3mm smaller in diameter but easily shimmed in the stock clamp.

I dont know about the Dewalt600 but if it match the housing dimension it should fit.

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No Makita available in my area. Anyone else have a suggestion?

What area?

Brunswick county N.C 28469

No Lowes or Home Depot? They both carry Dewalt.

They are both out of the 611. Everyone within 75 mile radius

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That’s crazy! They’ve had their deals going on.

Yea. The local one has been out since October.

I have brushes coming they will be here Monday. I guess I need to call my customers about the delay.

Just had my cnc machine and the DeWalt DWP611 for 3 weeks and the brushes had worn down and the router stopped after sparking a little. I wanted another router as backup and found one on display at a local hardware store $147… DeWalt, Amazon and 20 hardware stores never had one just lucky I found this one with display only marked on the box. I order 3 sets of 2 ea of brushes from Amazon and they came and I replaced the brushes (very easy to do) and all is well. On a side note I have read on here that most jobs can be done on setting #1 and sometimes 2… I had mine running up around 4 and 5 and that’s why they didn’t last that long. Keep a couple extra sets of brushes on hand.

At 1 most experience about 150-200hrs of usage, this number go down if the rpm go up.
At 16k RPM is fast enough for most typical jobs as the machine isnt rigid enough to take advantage of that RPM vs ideal feed rate, we are usually running slower feedrate than “ideal” already.

I am using the Makita myselv and its minimum RPM is 10k and that even is still enough for most of my jobs.

Extra brushes on hand is a good advice, they always wear out when you least need it!

Brushes are a pretty easy to find and the US makes them so there is a good supply. I always keep three pair on hand and replace them annually on the school machines. My machines run about 6 hours a day for about 100 days a year, always at the lowest speed. I put a 2-20 machine screw into the speed dial on all three of the 611s in my x-carves to lock the speed at the lowest setting.

As to why you can’t find a new 611, the answer is shipping containers. We quit filling the empties with commodities to trade for routers and refrigerators and Chromebooks for our kiddo’s Zoom school. The folks that make Festools and DeWalts and Makitas, not to mention the parts for Whirlpools and Maytags aren’t willing to pay the cost of bringing the empties back since they have a ready market all along the Silk Road that they can serve by trucks and rail cars.

Try ace hardware