Dewalt 611 to zip red cord

Just finishing up my x-carve and was wondering if you guys are wiring the 611 to the red zip cord that runs through the plastic channel?

No the red and white wire is for switches.
You need a relay to control the 611.
You can use the red and white wire to run from the controller to the relay

I have twisted black and white that is for all my switches. The red and black is like lamp cord and the instructions say it’s for a 24v router but mine is 110v

No, you don’t need Red and Black wires. You will run Dewalt’s cable in that chain. Keep those wires for another reason in case you want different upgrade like Jtech laser ETC. Other end of Red and Black wire also must be unattached.
Search this forum for “how to wire Dewalt”

Thanks Alan

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I used the 24v red and black router wire to control my relay and ran some to my JTech laser. The relay allows the 110v router to be turned on and off at the beginning and end of a file. Here is the relay I used. I saved room in my drag chain and ran the router cable on the outside and zip tied it.

Thanks Brad, I just ordered it

Solid state relay for Router.

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You’re welcome John! It’s very handy! I have mine turn on my router and shop vac. B.F, wouldn’t that setup require you to splice the power cable to the router?

thanks for the great diagram