Dewalt 611 user's question

I was cutting out a pack flat chair today. After it was finished I noticed that all the parts had a lot of slop in them. So I measured with my dial caliper the width of the dog bones. Every single one was .03 inch larger than the V-Carve Design. I made a test run on a scrap piece of .70 .71 and .72 inch dog bone. All 3 were .03 larger again. Are you guys getting this same run out (possibly?) of .015. Checked the bit , its spot on .25 . Any ideal if not spindle run out?

I would check the spindle with a dial inca: ( by hand) , I have about the same .015 which I think for a router is very good , my router table is .020, this is more of a hobby then machine shop set up…

I get 0.010 at the router’s bore, and the stock collet adds another 0.005, for a total 0.015.

Thanks for the reply’s. I dont have a dial but seems that my run out is in line with yours. Ill just have to factor that in to the designs, not a problem.