Dewalt 611 vs 800w water cooled spindle

I was wandering what spindle to get for my new x-carve, convince me.

I am interested in learning more about air and water cooled spindles.

However, my only note regarding the dewalt since I have that currently, is, I have 2. I made a custom router table and plate to work with it, so I am set up for doing hand routing and CNC with the same router. If the cnc router goes down however, I have the second one on hand as a backup if in the middle of a job. Redundancy is currently in my eyes what the dewalt is offering. At least in my case.

The Dewalt is going to be less expensive but will offer less control. If you have the money to spend, the spindle is the better option. However, the Dewalt is great for most purposes.

I use a 0.8kW air cooled spindle and am thankful to be able to use a lower rpm range than the Dewalt offers. Sometimes larger bits need to run at an rpm lower than what most routers are capable of. I also like being able to set the speed of the spindle precisely instead of a 1-5 range on the router.

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I have a Makita router as well as an 800W water cooled spindle.
The router is great for most things but the minimum speed can be too high for some uses. There’s also the fan in the router that blows dust everywhere.
The spindle has no fan and has a wider speed range than the router plus you can more easily control the speed with software.

I am interested to know more about your setups. What make/model are your spindles and how are y’all mounting them?

My spindle, VFD and mount came with the 6040 CNC router I bought a few years ago. The spindles are readily available on eBay and bundled as a spindle/VFD package.

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How do you mount the spindle to the x-carve

The diameter of the 800W spindle is 65mm which is the same as the Makita router. The larger of the X-Carve spindle mounts will fit the Makita router (with a shim) so should work OK with the 800W spindle.
Spindle mounts are also available on eBay.

The tubing for the water cooled spindle is 6mm ID.